Crafton Guitars - Toronto Based Guitar Setups and Repairs

List of Services

Prices are flat. No additional tax.


6 String Guitar, Bass, Uke: $30

Classical, 12-String, Floyd, Mandolin, Banjo: $40


– Hard tail 6 string guitars and 4 string basses $125

– Floating tremolo guitars and anything above 6 strings $150

A setup at Crafton Guitars is VERY thorough. That’s why it’s been nicknamed the “Cadillac Treatment” of guitar setups!

It starts with meeting you and understanding your goals for how you want your instrument to play. After that, there is a meticulous inspection and play test to rule out if any other repairs that may be needed that fall outside of the scope of a setup (fret work, cracks in body, etc)

The setup itself includes the following work: Clean entire instrument from top to bottom, remove any unwanted stickers or stubborn pickguard plastic, test electronics for proper functionality and clean if necessary (fix scratchy pots and jacks), straighten and tighten all knobs, screws and hardware, clean and recondition fingerboard, polish all frets to mirror shine, restring, adjust truss rod, set action at the nut and bridge, set pickup height (including radiusing pole pieces on humbuckers that have that adjustment), and set intonation. I end the setup with a meticulous play test to ensure that everything is in spec — testing every single fret to make sure they all ring true. Action height is highly subjective. I do my best to find out what action height will be best for your playing style in our initial meeting, but it does sometimes happen that when you get the guitar back, you may decide you the action higher or lower. If that’s the case, I will make tweaks to the setup for you, while you wait, at no additional cost.

Bridge Shave: $75


Full fret levelling and edge dressing: $250

Just edge dressing: $50

Nut replacement:

Handmade 6 String Guitar and Bass Nut: $125

Handmade 12 String Nut: $150

Premade Guitar and Bass Nut: $60

Acoustic Guitar Saddle: $85

Premade Acoustic Saddle: $40


Install new tuner buttons: $10

Classical Guitar: $20* + restring or setup

Steel String Guitar or Bass $40* + restring or setup)

12 String Guitar $60* + restring or setup

*Requires Reaming, Dowelling, Drilling, add $20 (stackable)

*Requires New Guide Pin Hole (Sperzel or Schaller Style) add $40

Pickup Swaps:

$85 for 1, $105 for 2, $125 for 3

Electronics Component Replacement: $30 base price + specific component

– Archtop Guitar without electronics access add $50

– Requires new mounting hole in plastic pickgaurd $20

– Requires new mounting hole in solid body $20

– Output Jack $20

– Control Pot $20

– Pickup Selector Switch (Gibson Style) $20

– Pickup Selector Switch (Fender Style) $40

– Fender Super Switch $60

– Mini Switch $20

– Push-Pull Pot $40

– Kill Switch $20

– 9v Battery Clip $20

– Battery Box (Direct replacement, soldering included) $20


– New Stratocaster style pickguard installation $50 (+$10 if any filling/drilling is required)

– Remove old acoustic pickguard, clean and prep surface, and install new pre-cut self stick pickguard $50

– Floating Pickguards $10

Crack Repair: 

– Minor (crack can be closed by hand, or is already closed — easy alignment) $100

– Major (open crack that requires splint) $200

Lifting Bridge Removal and Reglue: $200