"Excellent service and feedback. Absolutely admire the work [Jay] puts into his work and his knowledge surrounding it. My entry level Ibanez is now a fully gig-able machine. No shortcuts. Extra feedback was given through excellent communication.”
Waleed Morgan
"...when [Jay] discovered problems more than what I initially requested, he communicated quickly and well, and went above and beyond my initial need. No shortcuts taken here.”

Jordan Yordanov
"Helped me out in a real pinch, and made my bass sound better than ever! He really knows what he is doing, and respects you and your instruments. I would recommend him over most shops! Will continue to use his services for sure.”
Jesse McCormack
Jay sup'd up my finicky guitar and now it's a sweet slinky monster. Even asked me if I wanted anything from L&M while he was there getting me strings. Great guy! I'll be back for sure.
Jason Stewart
"The work this man does is top notch, would recommend in an instant!!!! He fixed up two of my guitars after I brutalized them, they play like brand new.”
Torin Craig
"Jay worked wonders on my telecaster's neck!! Essentially gave the guitar a new life. I would highly recommend his services to any guitar player!”
Mark Lennox