“If you’re anything like me, you like when things work the way they’re supposed to work!”

Guitar, bass, mandolin, ukelele, violin, banjo, etc You name it, I can restring it! I’ll also offer advice on proper string gauge and whatever string related questions you may have.

Just like you’d bring your car into the shop once or twice a year, you should do the same for your instrument! Many conditions that your stringed instruments are exposed to can cause it to fall out adjustment and require correction. My setups include the following work: clean and polish the instrument, clean and test electronics, tighten any loose hardware, clean and condition fretboard and polish frets, adjust truss rod and string action at bridge and nut, set intonation, adjust pickup height and finally give it a thorough look over and play test before handing it back.

Good quality frets and equally high quality fretwork is imperative to the comfort, setup and overall playability of your instrument. The following services under the umbrella of “fretwork” are: refretting, fret dressing, partial or full fret levelling, and polishing. 

Just like strings, your nut and saddles will wear over time and will need to be replaced. You may need a new nut if you’re experiencing buzzing on open strings, which can be caused by the slots being too deep. Bent steel saddles for electrics or bridge saddles on electric can develop grooves overtime, which can also cause buzzing issues and premature string breakage. Grooves in acoustic saddles, if noticed early, can usually be sanded away.

Pickup swaps, installation of new pots/switches/capacitors, rewire to your preference, etc. 

Anything electronics related, I’m your guy! 

If you need a quote on a more specific repair that doesn’t fit into the above categories, please call or send an email and I would be happy to help you!