"Jay is an outstanding producer/engineer/musician who obviously has music in his bones. We had never met him before spending a weekend at his studio to record an EP, and as soon as we arrived, we knew that we were lucky to find him. Great sound, great instincts, great guy to work with. He made our two-day demo sound professional and we enjoyed the entire process. Highly recommended. We'll be back."
John Callaghan
"One of the greatest musical experiences of my life. Being in the studio with Jay and all his creativity, skills, knowledge and attention to every note was a blessing. We have started our next project, and I would not trust it with anyone else."

Mark Freedman
Night Owl

"I do not enjoy recording. I love writing and playing music but previously found the recording part to be laborious and tense. Jay creates a relaxed atmosphere, is positive and knows how to get the best out of your songs. Hands down the best producer/engineer I have ever worked with. He knows music and he knows how to get the best out of your band. My band is already planning on returning in the new year."
Jason Hall
You won't go wrong with Jay. He's one of a kind and will definitely satisfy. He knows his stuff inside out and is 100% talented, dedicated, and down to earth. Jay played drums on my 1st CD and also did a gig with my band on drums. Fully satisfied. Hope to do more future music endeavors with Jay.

John Hope
"...[Jay has] got a great ear and he simply made us sound better. The producer in him arranged our songs more professionally and slicker than they were to begin with and I would recommend him to anyone looking to record their music at a very reasonable cost."

Gary Eden
"...I was so pleased with the recording and production work he did for my EP, as well as his accommodating and professional attitude... I can confidently say that he will work hard to make sure that your music sounds incredible. He knows how to bring out the best in individual artists."

Jordana Schmeiser
“Jay Crafton is a very talented and professional engineer. Absolutely worth every penny. I highly recommend him..."
Daniel Foster
Hit Parade
"...The best kept secret in the west end... I highly recommend Jay and his great little studio.”

Stacey Hughes
"...Jay Crafton is in my opinion one of the best mixers and one of the best places to record that Toronto has to offer! "Strife Approved"
Sean Strife Farro
Social Strife
"Love the vibes & the engineer is very talented and skillful...cant wait to record there again"
Billy Burnz
Certified Cash
"...Very professional and happy with my end product."
Adrian Bernardo
Nothing Right Now