Session Instrumentation - Live or Studio - $50/hr

Music was my first love. I’ve been playing guitar since age 4 and I got into drums shortly after. Though drums and guitar are my specialty, I have also expanded to bass and keys, as well as composing, arranging and performing vocal leads and harmonies. If you need extra instrumentation for your project, give me a shout! I can provide recordings/samples for each instrument mentioned.

Recording - $50/hr

Great records start with great performances and great recordings. Whether you prefer playing together live off the floor and interacting in real time, or prefer a more personal approach such as recording track by track (which involves capturing every last nuance in each musicians part) you’ll find that the studio is well equipped and designed to handle any workflow in which you feel most comfortable. Being both a producer and engineer myself, I can help take that sound that’s in your head and make it a reality. My role is to be someone to look to for guidance and to be a creative driving force to keep your time in the studio on track!

Re-Amping - $50/hr ($50 minimum)

What’s re-amping? Simply put, if you send me DI tracks, I can run your tracks through one of my vintage amps!

Fender Silverface Bassman 50 1968 – Custom Cab loaded with CV-75

National by Valco 1950

Mixing - $250/Song

How do you know if a song has a good mix or a bad mix? The answer is that if a song has a bad mix, you’re listening to the mix. If a song has a good mix, you’re listening to the song.

Before I dive headfirst into a mix, I always take my time to talk with the artist about their vision and expectation, as well as intently listening to the raw tracks. This is a crucial step in the mixing process because I take my cues from the artists original vision, feel and vibe of the song and recording method, as well as my own ideas when making mixing decisions. At the end of the day, I want you to have a song that you can be proud of so you’ll want to share it for years to come.

Mastering $100/Song

My goal with mastering is to create a cohesive record that flows naturally from song to song, sounds good in multiple listening environments, and plays nice with other songs of a similar genre in a playlist.

Same as I do with mixing, I take my cues from the song. My job isn’t to reinvent the wheel, so I won’t start inserting flangers or cranking the bass past 11 — Unless you want that! — Instead, it’s to understand and stay true to the artist’s original vision while gently pushing the song that extra little inch to get it over the cliff.